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Online Ticket Drafts

Our Online Ticket Drafts are the BEST way for groups of people sharing Season Seats to determine who gets which games & tickets. The system is similar to fantasy-sports-leagues and has all of the features needed to meet your groups requirements.

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Live Draft

The draft happens on the Live Draft page. Tickets available and selected, the draft order, the drat status, and chat are all updated in real time on this interactive page.


Rank Games Before Draft

All draft participants can choose to pre-rank all of the games in the season. The rankings can be your "cheat sheet" during the draft. If a user activates AutoDraft, the system will pick from this list.


Draft Order

Wild Split Season Seats can support any ownership structure. We have simple tools to help you build out the draft order but EVERY PICK is customizable. For really complex ownership structures, we have a Draft Order Algorithm.

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Individual Preferences

To keep the draft moving, participants can choose to receive an email or text message when it is their turn. AutoDraft is also available.

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Pick from Calendar

Draft participants can choose to make their picks from a Calendar to help them make the best choice when it is their turn.


Draft Chat

Using our Online Ticket Draft is the best way to divide tickets, but did we mention that it is fun too? Use the chat functionality to communicate during the draft.

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