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Draft Order Algorithm

Have a complicated group? Our Draft Order Algorithm creates optimized single-round draft orders for drafts with complex ownership structures.

Our Draft Order Algorithm solves dividing shared Season Seats by calculating optimized draft orders. The resulting draft orders enable groups of fans to join together to share Season Seats knowing that they will use the algorithm and draft to divide their games and tickets fairly.

Singe Round Draft

Pick average approach mathematical ideal

More games, more chance at higher picks

Algorithm in action...

Ownership Group with Unequal Shares

Let's consider a group of 6 people sharing tickets to a season with 83 games. All of the partners are taking a different number of games.

  • 12 games   Dave S
  • 9 games   Kathy T
  • 29 games   Joe D
  • 15 games   Mark T
  • 11 games   Bill J
  • 5 games   Steve S
Fair Draft Order

Resulting Draft Order

And here is the draft order generated by the Draft Order Algorithm given these 6 partners and the number of games they are each taking...

If you review each partner you will see a fair distribution based on how many games they are taking. The partners taking more games have more of the initial picks, but even the partner taking only 5 games, Steve S, has a fair distribution of picks in the order. Since this order was generated mathematically, each partner has fair picks in the draft.

The Draft Order Algothim is included in Wild Split Season Seats. When you set up your Online Ticket Draft, you can just just to use the Draft Order Algorithm to draft order.

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